Number of PVS Servers in a Citrix Farm

‘Number of PVS Servers in a Farm’ by Cláudio Rodrigues at March 26th of 2013

I cannot seem to find a better title for this post so I guess it will stay as it is.

This week my friend Carl Webster emailed me about the maximum number of PVS servers on a site. I told him that as far as I was aware of, there was no such limit. Months ago I was asked the same question by a customer and also questioned regarding the two PVS servers we can enter when creating an ISO using BDM.

And that is the reason for this post.

As Carl found out after reaching out some Citrix internal people, there is indeed no limit to the number of PVS servers on a site.

Regarding the maximum number of servers we can enter on BDM (two) or the bootstrap file has nothing to do with the maximum number of PVS servers on the site. It simply gives you the initial servers that will be contacted and after that, any server on the site that can serve that vDisk will handle the connection (unless you do subnet affinity).

The four server limit on the bootstrap has to do with the 32k bootstrap limit on the PXE specifications as pointed out by one of the guys on the PVS product group.

So just keep that in mind. The limit is for the initial login and has nothing to do with PVS farm limits.





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